Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Christchurch CBD Red Zone Bus Tour

 (A Red Bus that may tour the Red Zone in the background)

It’s been a while but the bus company which will, if they choose to, have the right to run Red Zone Bus Tours has been decided as.....yes you guessed it..... Red Bus Company. 

This round of Red Zone Bus Tours were announced 1 April and a competitive tender process has now taken place.  It’s only taken 2 months and in that time it could be argued that much of what could have been seen back then is no longer there now.

So, will we get Red Bus Red Zone Bus Tours? Are we going to see a yet another new acronym - RBRZBT - in Christchurch?  Approved by CERA and run by Red Bus around an area once overseen by CCC that CCDU is now recreating.  If they do take place, participants will need a dictionary…..

It'll be interesting to see if Red Bus actually do take up their option because Durham St. and Gloucester St. are opening this Friday so most people will be able to do their own tour and therefore it may be hard to get them to part with cash for such a tour.

While this was all a good idea back when it was first thought up my guess is that the Red Zone is just too small with too many accessible nooks & crannies now to be sellable. The other thing is that apart from bare land there just aint that much to see any more.

But good on Red Bus for putting their hand up to do the tours, it just may well be that time was not on their side.  If they do run Red Bus Red Zone Tours then our original offer to pay for them (conditions apply) does of course stand!
So, if you get the chance, stay with us and get a Free Red Bus Red Zone Bus Tour – sorry but yes another acronym to remember.   

How the buildings are disappearing faster than Red Bus Red Zone Bus Tours can be organized...
(12 May 2012)

 (11 June 2012)