Thursday, 21 November 2013

All New Website

Welcome to our all new website.  It’s the first major revamp we’ve done and hence it took a long time – probably longer than it should.  But this has updated the contents to what we think potential guests will want to know when booking. 

We’ve expanded our room information and now include a floor plan, room size etc. in a way that is a whole lot more user friendly than our previous version.  We’ve also included all our different policies including our child policy and our Points of Difference – why you should stay with us instead of anyone else!

We have also included lots of information about what’shappening in Christchurch and have expanded the earthquake related information.  After all Christchurch will live with the aftermath of the quakes for many years to come.

Under Location there’s a great new map which should give guests a good idea of just where we are and under About Us we talk about “us” and a whole lot of other stuff we think may be useful.

Hopefully this little blurb will entice you to click on this link to go and look through our new website.  We hope you like it!