Friday, 21 January 2011

CentrePoint on Colombo honored in the 2011 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards

Results are out and this year we are on the list, giving us one of those real nice warm fuzzy feelings!

CentrePoint on Colombo Motel is in the Top 10 Hotels for Service in South Pacific Category by TripAdvisor® in its 2011 Travelers’ Choice® awards.

What more can we say, you’ve just gotta come and stay!

Many thanks to all our guests who have taken the time to review us. Great things happen when great people come together!

We’ve applied for a plaque to put on the counter (can’t wait!) and some flash keycards from TripAdvisor to show off our award.

Go to Trip Advisor and see just what everyone has been saying about us. There’s lots to read with 225 reviews; 178 Excellent, 45 very good, 1 average, 0 poor, and 1 terrible. Yes! 1 terrible - have a read and see what you think! 

We’re happy to be able to say that we get a real good range of people, from first timers to veteran Trip Advisor users reviewing our accommodation. Many thanks to all of you.

For the complete 2011 Travelers’ Choice list, go to

Sunday, 16 January 2011

When Tweople get twogether

Today a bunch of people, most of them Tweople got together and did a number of amazing things.

Best of all, we gave #eqnz a big kick in the goolies, but we also helped out some people who have been kicked in the goolies by #eqnz. Give and take?

Missing Link is a business here in the Christchurch CBD in a beautiful heritage(?) building that survived the Sept. 4 quake but was red carded (means need to be fixed before people can use again) after the Boxing Day quake.

 The powers at be decided that while it was red carded, Missing Link was able to have a limited amount of time to get things removed as long as a structural engineer was present. #eqnz wasn’t gonna stop us!

So Twitter came to the fore and the word went out resulting in about 40 people, employees and Tweople etc. getting together to clean out the office in 55 minutes.

Don’t know about the others, but mr15 and myself responded to the twitter request to help some people in need, and as a way of saying Sod Off!! to #eqnz. We have been relatively lucky in this disaster and so its noice to be able to help those that have had a bit more shaken out of them than we have.

A lot of people wonder just what social media can do but this little effort today shows that something good can come from a bunch of people tapping away with a limit of 140 characters!

Footnote: Tweople are people who tweet. A lot of twitter words start with Tw, for example, twogether. #eqnz is a twitter hashtag which refers to the 4 Sep. earthquake. Goolies are goolies.

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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

19th New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Mr15 and mr12 are with the more than 4000 Scouts and leaders who are taking part in the 19th New Zealand Scout Jamboree at Mystery Creek in Hamilton.

We are enjoying a staycation having the house to ourselves!

Mr15 went up in the Malvern Scout Group advance party to set the campsite up on 28 Dec and mr12 went up one day later. They are due to arrive back in 2 days after 10 days of fun and adventure. If you want to know more about what they are all doing, view the Jamboree facebook page

Mr15, Tak, who has recently been awarded his Chief Scouts Award, the highest award that can be achieved while in Scouts (as opposed to the next level, Venturers) got a special mention in the daily report from the Contingent Leader Adrian Price.

The following is some excerpts from the daily report;

“It was an exciting morning when the Governor General, Anand Satynand dropped by with RH Bill English and RH Phil Goff to see the Jamboree and to have lunch with Takuma Peters who has achieved his Chief Scout award.

Tak went along to the Chief Scout's Luncheon with around 120 other Chief Scouts who have been awarded their badge this year. Jo and I vetted his uniform and presentation last night and Tak organised cover for when he would be away from his patrol during the day. We borrowed a few things from amongst the troop to make sure he had some smarter pants, and a more modern shirt, but I felt like a proud uncle as he walked off to his appointment with the Scouting top brass as well as the top echelon of our political system, representing our group. Well done Tak.

He's become an aspirational goal for our Scouts and a number of them came up to us afterwards to ask just how they could get on the track to their own Chief Scout next year, a few of these were Scouts who'd expressed their intention to leave after the Jamboree.”

Reading that gave us a warm fuzzy feeling and made us feel proud parents! Well done to Tak for the commitment, perseverance and determination required in getting his Chief Scouts Award!

Footnote: Jeff is a Queen Scout (highest award in Scouting) and his Grandfather was a King Scout. Jeff is currently the Chair of the Malvern Scout Group Committee.

Interested in Scouting, call 0800scouts.