Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bluff Oyster Festival (22 May, 2010) ya gotta go!

And when you do, because it’s way down there, stop off at CentrePoint on Colombo Motel for a well earned rest.

That’s what one of our guests did! He ate 10 dozen, that’s 120 oysters while he was at the festival. Of course he had some packaged oysters to take home for the family and when he was quizzed about whether they would actually make it home, he said, “no problem, I’ve eaten too many.” Yup, 120 oysters in a day, now that’s too many!

Bluff is the port town at the very south of the South Island and is the gateway to Stewart Island – a magical paradise! It is also home to the Bluff Oyster Fleet and they trawel the seabed for a rather limited period each year to bring naturally grown oysters to oyster lovers all over the country. The further you go north, the more expensive a dozen oysters is and planes have been known to be delayed to make sure that day’s catch gets to market! These oysters are serious business.

The festival has been going for 13 years now and this year 5000, and only 1850 odd people live there! Together they ate 20,000 oysters. That’s 4 each. Not many really. And if your think of our guest who ate 10 dozen, that means some people must have eaten meat pies. Tell us your story on the way home from next year’s festival!

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