Friday, 20 August 2010

Environment motel Christchurch

CentrePoint on Colombo earns environmental award

CentrePoint on Colombo is now green as well as clean!
Today we got an email from Qualmark today saying that we have been awarded the Qualmark Enviro-Silver Award, a first for a Christchurch central city motel!

Over the last 2 ½ years we’ve been adding our touch to CentrePoint on Colombo and doing a bit here and a bit there to become cleaner and greener. If you’ve stayed with us you’ll know about our in room recycle boxes. If you haven’t stayed with us recently, next time you’re here you’ll be able to experience the luxury of our all new Methven Kiri Satinjet water saving shower heads.


Around New Zealand over 470 businesses have Enviro Award status and CentrePoint on Colombo Motel is now one of them!!!

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