Monday, 20 December 2010

New Way to Look at Christchurch!

Want to know what central Christchurch looks like at 7am each morning?

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This all started on 4 September, the day of the Canterbury Earthquake(blog). We never lost the electricity here at the motel but when I walked out onto Colombo St. around 5am and looked towards town, there was nothing. The whole central city area was enveloped in darkness. Believe me, that was a strange feeling.

That started my habit of walking out onto Colombo St. each morning, usually when I got the newspapers, and looking towards the central city – can’t explain why, Christchurch has always just been Christchurch. Maybe it was just to make sure Christchurch was still there – especially since the Cathedral is clearly visible from the motel entrance. Maybe the quake has raised people’s awareness of the city they live in.

Now, each morning when I get the newspapers around 7am, I take a quick shot of central Christchurch and a hopefully topical part of the morning paper to share with everyone. So join me and enjoy the best city in the world 7am series.

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  1. "Maybe the quake has raised people’s awareness of the city they live in."

    I know this has been the case for me. Until I saw all the buildings broken and cracked I didn't realise quite how much they were part of me. Now I pay a lot more attention to the city around me. I guess that's one good thing to come out of the quake - I recognise very clearly what it is I love about this place.

    I already follow you on twitter and I love seeing your daily 7am picture even though I don't usually comment.

    - Rumpelsnorcack