Sunday, 16 January 2011

When Tweople get twogether

Today a bunch of people, most of them Tweople got together and did a number of amazing things.

Best of all, we gave #eqnz a big kick in the goolies, but we also helped out some people who have been kicked in the goolies by #eqnz. Give and take?

Missing Link is a business here in the Christchurch CBD in a beautiful heritage(?) building that survived the Sept. 4 quake but was red carded (means need to be fixed before people can use again) after the Boxing Day quake.

 The powers at be decided that while it was red carded, Missing Link was able to have a limited amount of time to get things removed as long as a structural engineer was present. #eqnz wasn’t gonna stop us!

So Twitter came to the fore and the word went out resulting in about 40 people, employees and Tweople etc. getting together to clean out the office in 55 minutes.

Don’t know about the others, but mr15 and myself responded to the twitter request to help some people in need, and as a way of saying Sod Off!! to #eqnz. We have been relatively lucky in this disaster and so its noice to be able to help those that have had a bit more shaken out of them than we have.

A lot of people wonder just what social media can do but this little effort today shows that something good can come from a bunch of people tapping away with a limit of 140 characters!

Footnote: Tweople are people who tweet. A lot of twitter words start with Tw, for example, twogether. #eqnz is a twitter hashtag which refers to the 4 Sep. earthquake. Goolies are goolies.

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  1. This post is spot on... We (being the Missing Link team) were completely blown away by the outpouring of generosity from the Twitter community -- many of whom we had never met in person before yesterday! We're filled with gratitude.