Sunday, 24 April 2011

CentrePoint on Colombo via Smartphone …… thanks to Motella

While we always pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge, ahead of every aftershock, first inline for the portaloo and on the right side of the cordon when it comes to motel related social media developments, we are also prepared to give credit when it is due.  

Admittedly the only reason this happened was because we were delayed by dodging the liquefaction, bumping over molehills and avoiding central city roadblocks while out buying Easter eggs for our guests. 
So, between filing our EQC insurance claims, guessing the strength of the latest aftershock and urging people to be careful of splashback when emptying their chemical toilets, we put our thinking hats on and arranged for our hackers to break into the basement of Motella HQ and steal the access codes to the new, fantastic, mobile blog template.  
So now we can also beat our chests!  The next time you are out-and-about visit CentrePoint on Colombo Motel on your smartphone you will be able to view our blog in a smart new mobile format that's easier to read, navigate, make comments and watch videos on the go.
And if you have any time left after adding to your life by viewing our blog, have a look at Motella’s blog too!  It’s almost as good as ours!

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