Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thanks to the person who helped mr12 this morning!

We’d like to take this chance to ask everyone to help us find the person who assisted mr12 this morning after he was knocked off his skateboard by a black sports car at approximately 7.20am at the Bealey Ave / Colombo St. intersection this morning.

We have made an official police complaint and they will proceed as they see fit but we’d like to be able to personally thank that person for doing the decent thing this morning. This person helped mr12 up off the ground and recorded the car’s registration number which we handed to the Police today.  The Police were obviously able to informally identify the car from what we told them as they then asked us to submit a traffic accident report.  This kind person is also a witness to what happened and would no doubt help the police investigation. 

Mr12 would also like the Caucasian male approx. 30yr old driver to front up and pay for the damage to his skateboard.

Mr12 has skateboarded to school almost every day for the last year but today as he was crossing Bealey Ave at Colombo St. a turning car, which should have given way, crashed into him.  He jumped off the board and fell to the ground after his foot was clipped by the car – a close call!  The skateboard ended up under the front of the car and 2 scratches on the board attest to it.  The driver backed up to free the board, told mr12 he should be more careful and sped away without ascertaining if he was ok.   A female jogger who was at the medium strip heading South, saw everything, helped mr12 off the ground and remembered the car’s registration which mr 12 then entered in his cell phone.  After getting to his friend’s place mr12 rang home and as we instructed, made a sketch of what had happened.

So luckily mr12 survived and thanks to the kind actions of a person, hopefully the long arm of the law will reach out and deal with this person who not only ran into a child but also departed the scene of the accident without confirming if the child was ok.

If anyone knows of this person who helped mr12 please let us know.

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