Monday, 2 April 2012

Red Zone Bus Tours – bring them on

Yesterday we blogged about how we intend to offer Free Red Zone Bus Tours to our guests (see the finer details here).

Today we emailed the details to NewstalkZB’s Mike Yardley and he covered what we are doing in a 2 minute special on air!! He also said he would keep an eye on what we were doing so we look forward to reporting what actually happens.

You can listen to the sound bite here;

Jeff then, by chance followed up by ringing into the Flash Reaction Poll and having a quick chat to Mike live on air about the proposal as well!

Later in the afternoon Jeff did an over the phone interview which (maybe) will be used in radio news etc. tomorrow….tune in people, tune in!

For us, this is a bit of PR we cannot buy for love nor money but we now have to deliver on the promise and know Mike will be watching us!

But not only that, this is a continuation of our battle to get the word out that the city centre is still here!!  We do our bit when we can and we are looking forward to this being a chance to once again promote the Christchurch City Centre and all the great things it still does have and we welcome the challenge.

We are also proud that our social media efforts have been transcribed into real, on air time on mainstream media….not bad for a 12 room motel.

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