Friday, 23 April 2010

The long and winding road is finally finished!

Visitors to New Zealand will be familiar with our wonderful (?) roads. They are narrow, have many curves, very few guard rails (unnecessary things, they just ruin any photos of our beautiful scenery!) and many speed cameras!

Well, today we are greeted with the wonderful news that our main road, “State Highway 1” is finally complete! The question is – does this prove that we are indeed a 3rd. world country or that we are indeed the youngest county on earth! (maybe a mixture of both!)

Yesterday, the last 100 metres of the road to Cape Reinga (that’s the very top of the North Island) was sealed. This means that rental cars can now get there and drivers can also travel the whole length of the country on a comfortable(?), sealed road – that’s 2022 kilometres of sealed road – with many curves, very few guard rails and many speed cameras!

Driving the whole 2022 kilometres will be a great way to see New Zealand from north to south and when passing through Christchurch, stay at the closest luxury motel to the city centre – CentrePoint on Colombo motel!!

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