Saturday, 24 April 2010

A seasonal change in Christchurch?

Nature is hard to predict, as a certain wayward volcano reminded us recently!

Here in Christchurch we’ve had a mixed bag of weather so far this year but today there has been a change - it’s cold and raining!

After a cloudy and cool January and February, March and April was surprisingly warm with lots of sun but very little rain – a true Indian Summer and yesterday Christchurch had 27 degrees!

(beautiful weather - @Sunmer yesterday)

But it all changed today, strangely enough, with the start of winter sport. As if on queue, the weather turned and the thousands of sports people and supporters in Hagely Park, just 10 minutes walk from CentrePoint on Colombo Motel, and all over Christchurch went home wet and cold!

So what’s in store for us now? According to the long range forecast, the dry, warm and sunny weather should continue till the end of June! Book your motel accommodation now and enjoy a most wonderful autumn! July will bring a change with southerly winds and rain here on the East Coast – but the potential for heavy snow falls on the ski slopes!

Now is the time to plan your skiing holiday and you can book your ski holiday accommodation now and take advantage of our Early Bird Combo deals which are available for online bookings in June, July and August of longer than 2 consecutive nights made before the end of April!

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