Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Central city opens up after earthquake

Today, Tom and I headed into the Central City to see what was happening. We had heard that the cordons had been rolled back and that the sad demolition of our heritage was starting. Here’s where we went and what we saw.

1. Cnr Manchester and Gloucester This was the closest we could get to the MLC Building to get a final shot before we said goodbye to a beautiful structure. The news said it would be torn down today but earned a reprieve. The army boys are manning the road closures and everyone we talked to had a most cheerful disposition.

2. Cnr Worcester and Latimer Square From here Radio House, one of the tallest in Christchurch is clearly visible. It is considered unsafe at the moment but a final decision on its future is yet to be made.

3. Gloucester St. close to Colombo St. Here a condemmed building was being loaded onto trucks for its final journey. The changing face of the cityscape.

3. At the Bridge of Rememberance (undamaged) we met more of those who have joined the inner city fashion show – lots of fluorescent this year!

4. The Provincial Buildings have been strengthened and are as beautiful as ever in their splendour. Christchurch still shines!

6. Big trade off in central city area, it is more accessible but some main roads are blocked off for safety.

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