Saturday, 18 September 2010

Christchurch photos after earthquake week 2

Photos from post quake Christchurch. See our previous blogs for news about how Christchurch is well on the road to recovery!

CentrePoint on Colombo Motel is open for business.

A lot has happened recently, destruction and reconstruction, here’s some of it in photos;

We lost our beloved Canterbury Cheesemongers, our hearts go out to Martin and Sarah (we hope they find a new shop soon) and all the other small businesses which have been forced out of business after the quake.

On day 6 the punting resumed and then on day 7 the Tram was running and playing chess in the Square was possible.

On a positive note, we were in Cathedral Square to see the Rugby World Cup 2011 countdown clock go 52 Weeks 0 Days 0 Hours 0 Minutes. One year to GO!

Road closures round the city made the city eerily quiet and deserted, and we feel for the business owners who are on the wrong side of the barriers.

It is still not certain if the MLC building, the tallest building in Christchurch when built in 1906 and a true beauty of a structure, will be saved.

When I was out and about, then cordons were relaxed close to 6pm and I was able to photograph the start of TVNZ news on Friday 10 September.

To make the city safe, cleanup continued into the darker hours of the evening.

Amongst all the despair, some parts of the city just kept on being Christchurch and the blooms of the season added colour and beauty.

The unfortunate demolition of buildings means that photos can be taken from previously unseen angles. This was the Asko Furniture building on the corner of Victoria and Salisbury Sts. And also the site of Canterbury Cheesemongers.

The Arts Centre received damage that will take years and millions of dollars to repair and while is currently being patched up, parts of it are still operating including the cafes, restaurants and the Court Theatre!

And remember there is always time to walk to the Botanical Gardens to get some quality time!

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