Thursday, 9 September 2010

Christchurch city after quake - Day 6

Day 6 after the quake and another bicycle tour of central city Christchurch.

If you avoid looking at the damaged buildings and closed off parts of town, it looks and feels like Christchurch always has been – a beautiful place!

Lots more big news today.

It’s one year to the start of the Rugby World Cup 2011. Christchurch will be ready!

Yesterday some people asked about the Chalice, don’t worry, it is too much a part of Christchurch now to disappear! (light was not too good today)

Lone Star Steak House is a popular place and the work is already underway to return it to its former glory.

The Arts Centre, while earthquake strengthened, has unfortunately lost some parts off the top. We wish it well and a very speedy recovery!

Art Gallery – the Civil Defence HQ, and not one pane of glass broken!

Our City Otautahi, the first city council chambers also lost a little off the top but is still a proud member of our heritage buildings.

Punting – is operating from today!! And a visitor took the chance to enjoy a peaceful trip down the river!

And amongst such a horrible natural disaster, nature is showing its beautiful side as well - Magnolias are in full bloom in Christchurch there’s plenty more colour as well.

Christchurch, it’s beautiful!

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