Thursday, 9 September 2010

Earthquake in Christchurch - Day 5 Wed 9th Sep 2010

Went into town again by bicycle to see how Christchurch is faring on day 5 Wednesday 8 September.

Lots of big news today.

Café Valentino, a great watering hole which did not look good after the quake, is being tidied up and maybe open for the weekend. Now that is good!

 Even Bigger news! Cathedral Square is open! Not many people there but it is official, the square is accessible and I was there.

In addition Colombo St. and most of the City Mall is open too. There are still some areas blocked off due to worries about the Westpac building but there are shops open, there are restaurants open. Christchurch is getting back to normal!

The IRD (tax department) building is behind the barriers too! I tried to take a photo but it didn’t save – too taxing on the camera maybe! If it is behind the barriers, can I avoid paying my taxes??


On the way home, there was work being done on the Wharetiki historic Edwardian house over the road from us. The Chimney had fallen through the roof and so needed a blue sheet to protect it from the elements.

Christchurch, you’re looking better everyday!

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