Thursday, 24 March 2011

CentrePoint on Colombo honoured in the 2011 Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards – Part 2

We have already blogged about winning this award, but now there’s more!  It would be nice to be able to write about something other than a bloody earthquake, but it just about impossible and today is no exception.

Since 25 Aug 2009 we have been ranked either 1 or 2 on Trip Advisor in Christchurch.  If you want to know why just read the 244 reviews we have.  In short we do it by keeping our motel in tip top shape, offering bloody good service, having friendly personalities and being close to the best of Christchurch.

Our efforts were rewarded and we were honoured this year to win the Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards.  And we have now received the plaque and room cards to go with the award!  Only problem is that there was a bloody great earthquake in the middle that has changed everything.

The future is uncertain in our present position, we are still only a short walk to town, but town is not there and won’t be for quite some time!  We are also limited in restaurant choices.  Sometimes we think we may as well be on Mars.
But this is life in post quake Christchurch so we’ll just go on as a motel in tip top shape, offering bloody good service with friendly personalities ……close to the Red Zone.

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