Monday, 28 March 2011

Speciality Earthquake info Page

Following on from yesterday’s blog, today we have set up a page on the motel website dedicated to the recent earthquake and its effects on our accommodation services.

As we pointed out yesterday, we believe that people should have the full story before they decide to stay with us. 

We’ve done this because there are a lot of people around the world that still think Christchurch is still a beautiful city just waiting to be visited and because our annual advertising rotation means that the post 222 reality is not reflected in many promotional blurbs.

So we’ve set up a page explaining our position and situation as the closest accommodation provider to the cordoned area and how a guest, if they choose to stay with us, can get the most out of their stay.  We’ve also added a guide showing already operating local shops and restaurants, as well as some that will be opening soon.

So that people may appreciate what has actually happened here we have also added links to the Civil Defence video, TV3 video and the before/after aerial photo distributed by the City Council.

We hope that this will provide visitors to Christchurch with information needed to efficiently allocate their time and also get them into local shops, restaurants and activities where they will hopefully spend lots of money!

It’s still a work in progress but we intend to update it often to hopefully reflect the fast progressing recovery process.

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