Saturday, 5 March 2011

Social meets Print media - the Daily Pic gets on page 3!

In this funny thing we call life, we get recognised for different things in different ways.  Those that do well get a Gong, those that do evil get a sentence…..and those that Tweet pics of the Cathedral every morning at 7am get……an article on page 3 of the Press!

Jeff got interviewed 3 or so days ago at the cordon about life in the cordon.  To be honest, it aint much of a story compared with all the horror out there and so I was wondering when, or even if it would appear.

But there it was on page 3 of today’s The Press Newspaper (5 Mar. 11).  For those outside Chch, this is the daily paper that I use in my morning pic tweets.

The slant of the story was a little different – concentrating on the photo rather than life in the cordon but I’m cool with that.  Many thanks to Victoria from The Press Newsroom.

So, why do I do this? Read my blog about how and why I started taking a daily photo and tweeting it.  And you can see the series of photos here on facebook. On the morning of 22 Feb. it was raining and so I just dashed out, took 2 quick shots and dashed back in again, not knowing it would be the last time for a long time before the Cathedral Spire would return to bring joy to my morning.
22. feb pic

23 feb pic

The pic I took and tweeted at 7am on 23 Feb reveals a totally different Christchurch.  For the first time, the BNZ building can be seen in the picture.  I’ve taken lots of pics since the quake but today I had a newspaper and took a shot as usual, just a few hours later than usual!    I look forward to recording the changing face from my gate at 859 Colombo St. as we put our wonderful city back together!  Especially looking forward to seeing the Cathedral Spire slowly block out the view of the BNZ building little by little!
Todays pic


  1. Did you know that the BNZ building has been red-stickered? I used to work in there.

  2. Ug! Nope did not know that but sadly not surprising, its as old as! Do you know if its a fixable red sticker or a non-fixable red sticker?
    My Sis's first job outta high school was in there!