Friday, 4 March 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Day 9

What is happening to your booking?
So, just what are we doing? Some of our guests with bookings may just be asking that.

Yes, we have been asking people to limit their visits to Christchurch to the bare minimum, and we have been basing this on what we have seen in the inner city and an announcement how Tim Hunter from Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism feels about the situation.

Christchurch just is not the place to be at the moment, we need time to tidy up the mountains of rubble, time to plan and time to rebuild.  Especialy the tidy up stage will be intense.  It is estimated that 60% of the buildings in the CBD will have to be demolished and the funny thing is that while the majority are older buildings, there are a number newer structures that will not survive.  Wer need time to tidy all this up and get the city back together.

It is for these reasons that we are asking guests to keep out of Christchurch as much as possible.    

 While Christchurch is seriously damaged, the airport is open and the beautiful South Island is waiting for visitors to visit!  The best way to support Christchurch is by visiting the South Island.
Visitors should drive straight out of Christchurch after arriving to towns such as Akaroa, Hanmer, Methven, Ashburton, Rangiora etc. at the start of their holiday. 
When leaving, plan your last nights stay in the same towns so you can easily drive to the airport.

On a lighter note, today was Redandblack day and people all over the world wore Red and Black to show solidarity with Canterbury.  Jeff also took a photo on Colombo St. in the morning which was broadcast on TV1 as a part of their coverage of the day!

We also got into the excitement in the middle of the street, avoiding the few cars there were and after a few pics on Colombo St. we were ready to promote the dayto anyone inside the cordon by adding a dash of red to the motel sign! 

The great news to finish off the day was that the Crusaders won!

On a positive note, it was annouonced on the news tonite that the cordons are to be relaxed from Sunday – Great!!  But they could not say how they are to be relaxed.  We are hoping that we will be “out” of the cordon by Sunday evening.
Freedom! Freedom!!  We have been living and operting the motel behind the cordon and we give many thanks to all those who have helpde us in out endeavors.  We hope that tomorrow will bring better news.

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