Thursday, 24 March 2011

Closest Lux Motel to the Red Zone…..

Following on from the last blog, here is how we are coping with guests wanting to book with us.  We’ve made a name for ourselves by being a good motel in tip top shape, offering bloody good service with friendly personalities, and being close to town.  The reality is that people are still looking to book based on that information and so we feel we have to tell them the real situation we are faced with here just a stones throw from the Red Zone cordon.  After that its up to them whether they cancel or not!
This is how we are doing it;
We are just a stone throw from the Red Zone Cordon.

Hello Mary travelleer

This is about your planned visit to Christchurch.
We’d like to explain how it is here so you can make an informed decision about staying with us.

While we are fully operational, the condition of the surrounding area means we are not as convenient to stay at as before.
Until 22 Feb. we were the Closest Luxury Motel to the City Centre, but the city centre is no more. 
Depending on the area referred to, it is estimated that 60% to 80% of the buildings in the CDB will have to be demolished.
Sure you could come and stay but there are no longer any shops or restaurants in the area that can be walked to.  Driving is necessary.
The other thing is that the traffic can be gridlocked and what used to take 10 minutes can easily take 30-40 minutes depending on the time of day.
The centre of Christchurch is still cordoned and the Red Zone no-go area barricade is just 50 metres away. 
This makes us somewhat isolated from the accessible part of central Christchurch where the Botanical Gardens are open.  To get there is a 40 min walk one way.

Naomi and I would love to be able to welcome you to Christchurch, but please be aware that our current situation is very different from when you made the decision to stay with us.
We are staying here to help rebuild this wonderful city and we look forward to welcoming you to a new Christchurch in the future!
You can follow our progress on our blog, facebook and twitter. (all accessible from the motel homepage)
Using our guest map to show the off limits areas in Central Christchurch

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