Monday, 7 March 2011

Social Media at CentrePntMotel

We’ve been in here at CentrePoint on Colombo Motel for 3 years, 1 month and 6 days and considering the events of recent days we may well be here for quite a while longer. Anyone want a motel? #justjoking

When we took over this place, the office computer was not even connected to the internet and online bookings were a “We’ll get back to within 24 hrs.” Mmmmm….gotta do something here! Is what we thought!

Just to put the record straight, Naomi is the tech in the family and started blogging a couple of years before we left Japan in anticipation of the future, making this about our 5th year of Social Media mucking in.  Jeff adds his sometimes unique view on life.

Front office social media HQ

Back office social media HQ

So what do we do? We blog in Japanese and English, we have 3 Facebook accounts, we’re on Twitter, we actively participate in Trip Advisor and have a great cms system that lets us tweak our website when we feel the urge! Woot!

Why do we do it….to sell rooms of course!  C’mon, this is a capitalistic endeavour!  Have we sold any? You may ask. Yuss! We can answer, we have, ask the next Bandicoot you meet about it!

But we also do it cos it’s a lot of fun and a good learning curve that is ever evolving.  As the saying goes…it’s fun to live on the edge!

Our exploits on social media do lead to connections on social media but also other media as well.  Recently Jeff has been interviewed on @NewstalkZB by @susimaclean about social media’s roll in the 4 Sep. quake and next was an article in the Christchurch Press about Jeff’s morning pic tweets of the Cathedral, before and after 222.

But it also leads to a bit of stress, some obviously don’t approve of some of the things we do and some obviously don’t approve of the way we say things and this makes us feel like the nail that sticks out a bit sometimes.   But we cope with it, we cope with it.

And today we got the Crem de la creme…..Motella wrote a blog about us….Awwww shucks……nice warm fuzzy feeling! Thanks Stu!

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